How it all started...

Maria was our first pygmy goat. She was a bottle baby,
and she won our hearts... she was just too cute...



City Lights Pygmy Goats...
...breeding the champions of tomorrow.
She chased the dogs out of their
But, before long, she started to
grow up.  She was into
everything.  She climbed in our
flower pots, trying to look in the
and climbed into ours...
Denise Fraser
NPGA Judge
La Mesa, CA 91941
Welcome to City Lights, home to a small herd of NPGA                    
registered pygmy goats. Located in La Mesa, a suburb of                
San Diego, California, we are currently breeding quality                   
pygmy goats for both show and companion animals.

City Lights had a rather inauspicious start:  Our first pygmy goat
was purchased on a whim.  Many years ago while on a leisurely
weekend drive, we passed a roadside sign,"pygmy goats for
sale"  Before we knew it, we were headed home with "Maria," a
week-old bottle baby.   Despite her unusual behavior and
personality quirks (see below!), I fell in love with pygmies and I set
out to learn as much as I could about the breed.  

I attended the NPGA convention held in California in 2000, and
before I knew it, I had purchased two registered does.  It wasn't
long before I began showing and selectively breeding a few goats
each year.

Very much an animal person, I've spent most of my life involved
with horses -- riding, breeding, showing -- so I understand the
importance of correct structure and conformation as it relates to
the overall well-being and health of the animal.   For this reason,
City Lights has kept its herd small and breeds carefully to
accentuate the best features.

Active in our local goat clubs as well as our national organization,
I have continued in my "pygmy" education. In 2007 at the NPGA
National Convention, I applied for a judge's license.  I passed the
written portion and two of the four classes of the practical exam,  
but will be return in '08 to hopefully finish up!  PS. I did, in fact,
attend NPGA national convention in Atlanta,  tested again, and
received my NPGA license.  Yee-haw!

So a big welcome to our site, welcome to
pygmy goats, and welcome to a whole lot of
Summer '08, CL herd
tested negative for
Johne's and CL
Updated September 2011